I really have meant to blog this week. But every time I get within two feet of the computer, the couch sucks me in to its napping vortex and BOOM, I’m asleep.

It’s also the week of VBS, which means I go back to church every night to herd small children through a maze of songs and science experiments and sticky snacks, with Jesus tucked in between all the fun. Heck, I guess Jesus is joining the fun, if you want to get technical. Pretty sure He loves sticky snacks and glitter crafts.

It’s also the week I’ve been reading two of Emily Freeman’s books: A Million Little Ways and Grace for the Good Girl. I tell you what, that Emily knows how to write a book that climbs inside my head and rearranges all my thinking cells.

It’s also the week that feels like all the words have been stolen right out of me. I could truthfully claim that I’m trying to listen more, really listen, which means I need to be not-talking and not-writing. I’ve been listening to my family and friends and listening to God, but I also feel like the cat stole my tongue. I’ve been doing a lot of blinking and thinking. It’s quiet around here.

It’s also the week that the rain won’t stop. Right now it’s a humid 72 degrees, and the grass is soggy. It squishes as you walk. But this brings us right back to the napping portion of the blog post, where we started. Rain=Nap.


So this quiet, rainy, thinking week, I’m thinking of you, the reader. I’m grateful for you and I’m praying for ways God would have me serve you better. I’m praying for your future and that you can hear God speaking over the noisy wind of life.

1 Kings 19:12-13

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