I think most of us know we’re living in the most prosperous and fortunate society the world has ever seen. We understand that electricity and running water and furnaces are miracles we take for granted every day.

But this knowledge doesn’t help a family whose bank account is empty. Money problems don’t understand living in a prosperous society. When a person doesn’t know if she has enough money in the checking account to pay for the gas she needs to get to work– or, even worse, if her credit cards are also maxed out and she has absolutely no more options– it doesn’t really matter if she’s living in the first world. The pain is keen.

We can be very, very poor in the middle of very wealthy people. And that is stressful.

Even when our situations aren’t quite so dire, many of us face more outgo than income. And some of us have made terrible decisions and have to live with those consequences. No matter the cause, the stress is pretty much the same.

resources for financial problems


Luckily for us, there are tons and tons of great people who are ready to help. I’ve spent decades seeking out the best financial resources, and here are some of my old favorites and new finds.

  • Crown Financial Ministries: This is the best financial ministry I’ve found, and they have tons and tons of resources to help your family manage money in a God-honoring way.
  • Dave Ramsey: If you need someone to give you a swift kick in the pants to finally get your money under control, Dave’s willing to be that foot. Bless his blunt little heart.
  • His and Her Money: I just found this site last week and I love it so much. Talaat and Tai have a podcast, excellent advice, and– my favorite part– tons of success stories. The stories and interviews cover a wide range of salaries and debt amounts, which doubles the fun. Most of their interviews have links to new resources for financial management. You can spend all afternoon following rabbit trails of money advice around the internet!
  • iheartbudgets.net: What I love about Jacob is that he has the humility to admit he blew through $100,000 before he came to his senses. And now he tells us all about it, helping us avoid that same catastrophe. Read his story– it’s awesome.
  • sixfiguresunder.com: This family is working like crazy to pay off all of their debt from law school. They post their monthly progress right on the homepage, which is awesome, but they also have great articles about frugal living and budgeting.
  • modestmoney.com: If the above resources aren’t enough, this site has pages of other sites you might want to visit. You can stay busy for days just learning about personal finances.

Have I missed any of your favorites? Let me know!

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