In a moment of frugal glory, I present to you my favorite new house project: cheap cabinet knobs.

affordable kitchen cabinet knobs

Twelve-cent kitchen cabinet knobs.

Yes, 12. Cents.

TWELVE CENTS. Okay, 12.5. They came in packages of two, and each pack cost a quarter. I needed hardware for twenty-five doors/drawers.

And if I’m going to be completely honest, I did have to buy a can of stain ($5) and a can of spray polyurethane ($7). If you add in the cost of supplies, then the total cost of the project was $15 and each knob cost sixty cents. That’s a cheap cabinet knob, right?

I won’t bother you with the DIY steps involved in the project because anyone can look up how to stain and protect wood (click here for the Minwax How-To site), and that’s not really the point of this post, anyway.

cheap cabinet knobs

The Point: Creativity and Flexibility for the Win!

My point is that creativity and flexibility can work wonders. It worked wonders in my kitchen, and I bet you have a spot in your own life that a little creative flexibility can solve. Most of us don’t have pots of money just sitting around, waiting to be flung at a project. Am I right?

Of course I am. Without pots of money, we either need to just deal with what we have or get creative. I had been dealing with what I had for six months, so it was time to get creative.

I repainted my kitchen cabinets this winter, and I was waiting for Eric to get his bonus this summer to buy the cabinet knobs. So I started shopping for the knobs a month early, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted.

After agonizing for weeks, I realized I really didn’t care what they looked like– I just wanted cheap cabinet knobs! The cabinets looked bare and it wouldn’t matter if the finish was oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, or brass. They just needed a little something.

When I realized it didn’t matter if I spent $100 on new hardware or $100,000, I headed down the the local ReStore to see what they had in stock. That’s when I found bags and bags of the little wooden knobs in a drawer. I scooped them up and dumped them out on the cash register counter, not knowing how much they would even cost.

Oh, I laugh in merriment at the counter

I think I laughed out loud when the girl told me each bag was twenty-five cents. Good grief! I wanted cheap cabinet knobs, but in my wildest dreams I didn’t think they’d be that cheap. Even if I hated the entire project, I’d be out pocket change. Eric agreed the risk was minimal and I should try it, although I strongly suspect he could not bear being forced to look at one more cabinet knob and pretend like he had an opinion. He just wanted the whole episode over.

Good news--it was a smashing success. It took a few days to get everything coated multiple times and dried, but I love those knobs to absolute death.

chandelier from the ReStore

Even more good news— while we were at the ReStore, I found a nifty chandelier to go over the kitchen table. It cost $25, which was money I now had because the knobs were costing a pittance. So I batted my eyelashes at Eric and we bought the chandelier too, and then the dear man hung it up for me that very same day.

Creativity and flexibility for the win!

Tell me about your life. Where have you been creative and loved the results?

2 Comments on Super Cheap Cabinet Knobs

  1. wingsofpurpleblog
    September 10, 2016 at 10:44 am (1 year ago)

    Love the new knobs and light. Great job!
    Ruth Watson

    September 10, 2016 at 9:36 pm (1 year ago)

    They look good to me.
    However, I feel lied to – you said 12 and not 12.5 in the title!