We all know the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting to see that other grass up close, examine it, and possibly buy it for ourselves. Right?

Mr. Moo-moo Cow would like to assure you that the grass isn’t greener over there, and he’d really not appreciate being corralled. So tone it down, Louise. No more fences. (Ignore him. We need a corral.)

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something within my spirit that’s always wandering, restless, wanting something new or different or better.

There’s always a different house I’d like to live in. A different kind of car I’d like to drive. A new place I’d like to visit or a new restaurant I’d like to try. A new career that might be way, way easier than the one I have at the moment.

Can you relate?

I like change. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing, because life is always bringing something new. Change is less agonizing when we’re eager to see what’s coming. I love watching my children grow to a new stage, I adore new seasons and new weather patterns, and I will be super, duper, double-dog happy when skinny jeans go out of style and something reasonable comes back in.

Please, Lord. Let it not be crop tops again.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Now that we’ve addressed our fashion needs with the Almighty, let’s look at a few simple ways I’ve found to corral this wandering, restless spirit of mine. Maybe you can find some help here, or suggest other things you’ve learned.

Numero Uno: Make a permanent decision. If you’re a serial dater and getting sick of that scene, maybe it’s time to pick a partner and put a ring on it, as our pop star so profoundly encourages us. I’m a serial house-lover, meaning I moon over any and every house that a carpenter has ever put on the earth. I love them all. I could drive my family crazy by moving us to a new place every few years, just to see what my coffee pot looks like on a new counter. But Eric and I have decided to stay in our current house, and to make the decision final we refinanced our loan to accelerate our payoff.  There’s something about signing a bunch of papers or having a big ceremony that settles something deep in our hearts.

fiesta coffee cup
Notice the coffee. Notice the steam. Appreciate the caffeine that slowly seeps into your veins and brain cells. See? Isn’t this fun?

Numero Dos: (Are you enjoying this international counting today? It feels zany and fun from this point of view.) Notice where you are right now, and train yourself to be thankful for what makes this place and this time good. What about this delicious cup of coffee? What about this safe, warm room? What about these delightful people God has given to you as family? Sometimes we’re two steps ahead of ourselves, worrying about the future (worrying about things that might not even happen!), and we miss what’s right in front of us. Bring the restless spirit back to the present and be thankful for it.

There are times when the only thing I need to do is recognize that my spirit is getting all wound up again, looking for contentment in places that can’t offer it. Just acknowledging this truth wins half the battles for me, honestly.

So now–what about you? Where does your heart wander away, looking for greener grass? What do you do about it?



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