I Could Use a Nap and a Million Dollars: Biblical Alternatives to Stressed Out Living

The new book hits the shelves in winter of 2018, and I’d love your help to spread the word!

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Here are some ways you could help launch the baby book from the nest:

  • Social media posts on all your favorite accounts. I’ll have pictures available for you here, but you could also just take pictures of the book out and about as you read it, or add it to your stack of to-read books and then photograph the pile.
  • Honest reviews on Amazon and GoodReads. This is a huge, huge help. Amazon notes which books are getting a lot of reviews and gives them more attention. Short and sweet is just as good as long and breathy.
  • Blog posts about the book. If you blog, this helps the book get traction across the internet.
  • Personal recommendations: even if you’re not techy, we’d still love for you to join. Books are sold by personal recommendation more than anything else. So if you’re part of a book club, the women’s ministry at your church, or just have a lot of friends who are readers, this kind of marketing is often the most effective.

I’ll email you when the books come in, and this will probably be early in January of 2018. I’ll ask for an address to mail you a copy of the book and answer any questions you have in that email.

This page on the website will be our spot for all materials you need to promote the book: graphics for social media channels, links to Amazon and GoodReads for reviews, and other assorted fabulousness.

Thanks so much, my friend. A book is dead in the water without friends who support it and spread the word. I can’t overstate how grateful I am for your help.

Click here to sign up, and I thank you a million times.