I have a guess about you.

You are facing a big, somewhat terrifying, decision.

I can’t begin to guess what exactly the decision entails, but I bet it’s keeping you awake at night. Maybe you’re trying to decide if you should marry that person or break up with that person. Book the flights for that trip across the country or quit the job you have and go right back home.

Have a baby? Go back to grad school? Buy the house?

I get it. I totally do. The discomfort of a big decision is awful.

I used to think that a well-lived life meant that I didn’t have to be scared of anything. If I was in a happy, dreamy state all the time that would somehow prove I was doing it all right.

Wrong. Totally, terribly wrong.

I’ve learned lately (thanks to Michael Hyatt and Glennon Doyle Melton) that I just have to do it, and do it scared.

I mean, if I want to live a fear-free life of comfort, it’s already too dang late.

Do you know how terrifying parenting is? I HAD NO IDEA. I’ve somehow kept these children alive for 13 and 11 years and now I have teenagers to keep off drugs and un-pregnant until they graduate and become responsible for their own natural consequences. It seems like way more responsibility than I signed up for, back in the day when I only worried about car seats and diaper quality.

It’s all just so terrifying, isn’t it? But we can’t just sit at home, stagnant, waiting for the least resistance to carry us through life.

That’s how we end up living in a beige cardigan, sleeping in our parents’ basement at 40.

That is not life. That isn’t how it’s supposed to go. What good can we do for the world in a basement, wearing a cardigan?


We’re supposed to be out there, living life to the full. Jesus’ words about abundant life ring in my ear, and he never meant that we could stay at home and wait to die comfortably. No, Jesus was all about living and giving and sacrificing and loving. It took everything he had, but he lived while he was doing it.

He lived his life abundantly, and he offers that same gift to us. Not comfort, necessarily. But abundance.I realize I’ve given you a little pep talk but maybe it’s not helping at all. Maybe the decisions and the fear are just too much. You’re waiting for an assurance that it’ll all be okay.

I don’t have that. I wish I did, but I don’t. It might not turn out okay.

But it certainly won’t turn out okay if you never try. The package of seeds is never going to turn into a beautiful garden if you never open it.

So this is my challenge to you. I can’t tell you how to make the big decision and I certainly can’t promise you it will turn into a beautiful garden. But I can tell you the world needs more beautiful gardens, and we already have plenty of unopened seed packages.

So do it. Pray about it. Listen closely for good advice. Read the Bible, which never fails when we’re looking for a true orientation.

And rip open that package of seeds.