I don’t know about you, but when life gets stressful I often do exactly the wrong things. I tend to sit and brood while my mind spins. I come up with ever more implausible, terrible things that could happen. I create monster nightmares of the future, all while shoving too many chips and cookies into my face.

So shortly I feel stressed and fat. Delightful combo.

And then I snap at my children and anyone I find annoying. I nap too much to avoid reality or find myself at Lowes buying enough paint to redo the entire house. (Because who doesn’t love to repaint a house every two years? ) ((Yes, I am in counseling for my painting addictions.))

But mostly I sit and brood and worry about the future. I’m very good at that.

Are you very good at that too? 

If not, then feel free to move along to another blog post by someone else who doesn’t worry. But if you are also a Grand Master Brooder and General Worry Freak, then I invite you to do something better with your stress.

Instead of just nurturing it and letting it grow out of control, let’s face it head on. Let’s sit down with it and examine it. Let’s invite God into the conversation, letting him sort out the mess. Because, let’s be honest. Sometimes the stress is absolutely not our fault. We can’t be held responsible for a bad health diagnosis or the ensuing medical bills. We can’t force our children to be obedient at all moments of the day. Sometimes the stress attacks and we didn’t do anything to attract its attention.

But sometimes the stress is– stick with me here without needing the vapors– exactly our fault. Sometimes it’s the consequences of our sin or terrible choices. Sometimes it’s just that we’re sort of block headed and we’ve dug our own hole.

And when we’re stressed out, we often can’t see the way clearly. But God can, and he’s more than ready to help us sort out the stress. He’s waiting for us to come to him, no matter our emotional state, and then restore us with his peace and grace.

So let’s try that instead of brooding. Let’s do what Lamentations 3:40 says, and see what our loving Heavenly Father can do with our stress.

Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord. (bible gateway.com)

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