Every once in a while I get really excited about an idea for a book, but the wheels of the traditional publishing world grind very, very slowly. So that’s when I sit down and write an eBook, which is a really fun process. They can be short, they can be specific, and I don’t have to worry about whether a publishing house will make enough money off them. This creates some fun, weird, excellent writing.

If you’re looking for short, devotional-style books, then here’s my eBook list. They’re all published through Amazon’s Kindle program, but you can probably get the Kindle app on whatever device you have. (This is what my tech person says, anyway.) ((My tech person is my husband, who is sitting three feet away from me on the couch right now.))

Just click on the titles and you’ll be directed right to the Amazon page. Thanks for reading, my friend!

7 Days: A Week Long Experiment of Listening to God
7-days-new-coverThis week-long devotional was written to go hand-in-hand with If I Plug My Ears, God Can’t Tell Me What to Do. If you’re in a place where you desperately need to hear clearly from God, this book will help you get your heart in the right place first.



No More Nervous Tic in My Left Eye: A Devotional for the Rough Days
No More Nervous Tic in My Left Eye EbookIf you’re going through a rough time right now and want to set aside a part of your day to talk through the mess with God, this eBook was written for you! Finding the abundant life Jesus promised can only come when we spend enough time in the Bible, seeking God in spite of our circumstances. This devotional will help you do exactly that.



Send Help. My Precious Baby Is Now in Middle School
Send Help My Baby Is in Middle School eBookHere’s the thing– I love having teenagers, I truly do. I find them one-thousand percent easier to deal with than tiny babies, but even so, they can be a challenge to raise. I wrote this devotional for all moms of tweens, who are finding homework and sex talks and hormones hard to deal with. We need each other, moms. Here’s a little slice of encouragement.